#28 Cross-Hatching Exercise

September 24, 2010

cross hatching exercise
A4, pencil
2008, ~2h

This was a cross hatching exercise back from sec2. It’s got one of the lowest grades I’ve ever received on an assignment I think. It can totally fight with this one already ):

The main complaint Mr.Gan had for this piece of work, was that the shading was not intensive enough. You can’t really tell from the image cos its scanned and therefore corrected, plus its been corrected in PS too -_- but yeah, dark parts weren’t dark enough, and its quite obvious irl. I think I was kinda adamant about refusing to darken the image too much, me and my lousy pride LOL. Proportionally wise, it also has some issues, I had problems seeing the whole positive and negative space thing.

On the whole, I don’t think this was a very effective exercise for me, cos I didn’t really get out of my comfort zone to give the extreme shading that the assignment called for. I’m happy to saw I IS BETTER NOW 😀 yay, haha, I’ve learnt to be more extreme in my light/dark and colour schemes in my work, cos it works to good effect and its way more shocking and effective compared to a very pleasing to the eye one, but I think it depends on what you’re going for.

I don’t really like cross hatching. I prefer simple shading and smudging. I found it rather hard to make the cross hatching look natural, as although we were told to avoid right angles, which i did, it still looked very angular, as in, like very obvious lines and stuff and I didn’t like it, wasn’t used to it, and couldn’t really make it work for me. I’m not particular good at cross-hatching, I think i need to work more on it, but I have my own style of shading stuff so I’m usually too lazy to break out of it and try and improve this aspect.


One Response to “#28 Cross-Hatching Exercise”

  1. JackiE said

    Haha i posted one on that too. You did it really well! but he’s a bit skinnier in your picture (:

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